Colon Matters

Colon Matters....!

            So it boils down to   W-A-T-E-R    time and again!!!
What juice will clean my colon of old faecal matter?
 I've read that humans carry between 5 to 7 lbs of caked faecal waste in their intestinal tracks. Believe it or not, but the best juice to cleanse your colon is water!  
When it comes to vegetables, the best vegetables to juice to clean your colon are those that have a yin or cooling ability. Constipation indicates your body is too hot.Let me explain:
First, to be honest, many people have more than 10 lbs of caked faecal matter. John Wayne had something like 40 pounds and Elvis Presley had about the same, if I remember correct. In fact, Elvis died sitting on the toilet. He had so much compacted faecal matter that he literally gave himself a heart attack trying to force a bowel movement. Elvis isn't the only person who has done this... may others have had the same problem.   Hardened faecal matter excreted during colonic irrigation.
You don't need expensive bowel cleansing programs. You just need to apply some common sense in combination with the taking advantage of ancient wisdom.

First, you need to look at
lifestyle. You need to eliminate as many processed foods as you can. These foods have no fibre and get stuck in the body.     

Second, realize the bowels need
moisture to work properly. You can have all the fibre in the world, but if you don't have moisture in the bowels, then the fibre can't do very much. So you need to make sure you are drinking lots of water... juice, tea, coffee, sodas, etc all do not constitute as water... you need water and water by itself. Although tea has water in it, once you turn it into tea, the constitution has changed and the body no longer recognizes the tea as water. This same rule applies to juice, sodas, etc.   Third, foods that are high in yang (hot) energy will naturally burn the moisture from the body. So even if you are drink lots of water, if you have too much yang energy, then the water is burned up by the yang energy.   Foods that are high in yang energy include, but are not limited to, deep fried foods, BBQ / grilled foods, alcohol and other foods like green peppers, garlic, ginger, spicy foods, etc.     

Taking all of this into account. What you need is to ensure you are drinking lots of water, getting sufficient fibre by eating whole foods and/or even taking a fibre supplement... not eating too many yang foods while having foods that are slightly more yin (cooling) so the moisture stays in the bowels. But if you have too much yin energy then instead of constipation, you will have loose bowel movements and even bowel movements that appear diarrhoea like in nature.
  Mucous plaque and hardened faecal matter excreted during colonic irrigation.
Liquorice tea is excellent for helping to bring moisture to the bowels. Additionally, the yogis of India say that liquorice creates a scent that attracts women (possibly another bonus!).

More than juice, what you need to do is think of some foods to eat to help cleanse the bowels.
Apples, melons and papaya are some fruits that come to mind to help cleanse the bowels. Papaya is a great cleanser but I wouldn't have it all the time because papaya can also create too much dampness in the body.     

Drink green tea instead of coffee... green tea has a slight cooling effect on the body whereas coffee is a factor in constipation.

Eat vegetables like carrots, corn, squash, bamboo shoots and definitely eat some zucchini (or any squash for that matter)... one of the best natural cleansers is zucchini though. Beets also do good too. Beets can really help to purge the bowels of old faecal matter but don't be surprised if your bowel movements or urine turn red after eating beets. But I would focus less on juicing and more on the foods you eat because that way you get fibre too.      Sure, the vegetables you juice will have an impact, but it's diet and lifestyle that will have the biggest impact on constipation, cleaning and preventing faecal matter from compacting within the colon.

You will know when your body has enough moisture in the bowels and fibre because the bowels movements will be relatively easy and the actual bowel movement itself will create a coil like shape.
   [L] bamboo shoots     [R] zucchini
Eliminate those hot (yang) foods, incorporate some cooling foods... and eat some whole grains such as brown rice.
Also, it's worth noting that cold drinks and cold foods can lead to constipation.     
beetroot, brown rice, beetroot juice.
Believe it or not, but cold drinks and foods make your body hot, thus burning up moisture in the body. The reason is because when you have something cold, while it may be refreshing to your mouth, as soon as it lands in your stomach, your stomach needs to warm the food or drink. To do this, the body pushes lots blood to your stomach. Of course, this then robs other parts of your body of blood. But it also robs your body of moisture. Cold foods and drinks should be avoided.
Faecal matter eliminated from colon during colonic cleansing protocol   Please also remember that the colon is a muscle. When you have old faecal matter stuck in your colon, it becomes like cement along your colon wall. It prevents the colon muscle from squeezing. In turn, this contributes to a lazy (weak) colon which in turn makes the constipation issue worse.

So we want to ensure we are
drinking enough water because that's what really begins to allow the old faecal matter to be removed. It's not a quick process to clean out the colon, but it is not a difficult thing to do either.

Constipation is
more of a lifestyle issue... juice has an impact, but if you fail to fix the lifestyle, the constipation will just continue. Just make some of the minor changes / adjustments above and I am sure you will notice a huge difference.

One last thought, try to get to
sleep early... around 10 PM is good... 11 PM is acceptable, but any time you go to sleep after midnight, you make your body hot by stressing the hormones and adrenal glands... meaning you burn more moisture in the body.    

Ultimately, become aware of the visible and hidden factors that lead to constipation.
Colon cancer is one of the easiest cancers to prevent! 
 So it boils down to   W-A-T-E-R    time and again !!!