Reunion Update #5

March 27, 2012

Dear Friends,

Remember September? It is fast approaching…

There is less than SIX months, to our great reunion in Kuala Lumpur/Sabah and you do need to seriously plan your trip now.

Confirmation of your attendance:

I am certain by now most of you would have a fairly good idea whether or not you will be attending the reunion. For those who are still undecided, may I say that this is definitely the last reunion we will ever organize as a team and it will be our best. So, if you do wish to meet up with your buddies for the last time in one big gathering, do attend.
For those who are definitely attending the event, it would help us immensely if you could kindly make your payment to the respective committee member stated in our ‘Reunion Update # 4’. As mentioned previously, we do need your payments to run the ‘show’.
For those who have registered but have since decided not to attend, please let me know and I will remove your names from the list. Do not feel bad about doing it. You are actually helping us by letting us know your decision now. After all, the initial registration is merely a show of interest not a commitment. As the big day approaches, we need to work with real numbers to effectively organize the events.

Sabah Program

There has been a flurry of correspondence between those attending the Sabah program and Kah Kiat. From what I have seen, he has definitely made every effort to accommodate everyone’s wishes to make the Sabah trip a lifetime dream. Without being biased, we will be hard-pressed to find a tourist agent anywhere who can match what Kah Kiat is doing for our Sabah trip. Yes, I do mean it. Unfortunately, time is running out. Enrollment for the climb to Mt Kinabalu will definitely close on 31st March. Registration for diving at Sipadan will close on 30th April. Do not delay your flight booking to Sabah any longer than it is necessary. Aim to arrive no later than evening of 17th September to attend the “Lest We Forget” dinner hosted by Kah Kiat and Ivy Chong.
So, to those who are going to Sabah, please forward your plans to Kah Kiat now as there is definitely a lot of planning involved.

Kuala Lumpur Program

The committee (2 from overseas) met recently in KL to discuss the planning of the Main Event. I am happy to say that it is well on track. We are aware that the date is fast approaching and details need to be finalized. There will be at least TWO events in KL. The Main Event at the 5-Star One World Hotel on 15th September and the Welcome Party @ Dave’s Bristo & Grill on 13th September. As Dave has very kindly offered to provide free ‘live’ music and food (not drinks) for the evening, it would help him greatly if you could indicate your interest in attending this party to assist him in the food catering. 


As usual, it will be a lively night. For entertainment, in addition to having  a ‘live’  local band playing 60’s/70’s funky & nostalgic music, we are also staging an episode of “Alumni Got Talent”. We are calling upon everyone to show off their talents, born with or acquired over the years. You are welcome to display your vocal prowess with the backing of our resident band or simply to perform your own compositions or cover songs. We are now drafting the entertainment program for the night. Do let us know if you wish to participate.
Below are examples of talents you may have to entertain us!

Caution: The video below may offend some of you… not intended.  Definitely, no frontal nudity. 

Yes, a couple of us did try the above routine but our spouses couldn’t find balloons small enough.


Payment details were given in the previous Reunion Update # 4 and are available on our Wellington Alumni Blog  

If payment instructions are not given for your country of residence, you may hold payment for the time-being until advised.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to direct them to any of the committee members.
All that is left is to let the GOOD TIMES ROLL!!! I will leave it to the President of the United States to introduce…

As usual, do take care.

With Regards, 
Henry Cheong