Reunion Update #6

May 15, 2012

Dear Friends,

I am not 'beating' things up when I say that our "THIS IS IT" reunion gets better by the day. Everyone who can, is contributing towards making our Reunion a great success. The committee is indeed grateful for that.

The latest addition to the KL reunion event is the hosting of a Dinner on Friday, 14th Sept evening at the exquisite residence of Dato Che Mokhtar Ali located in the suburb of Ara Damansara. We will be feasted in true Malaysian style at his home and pool courtyard, complete with a waterfall cascading from the upper floor! Imagine 'Paradise' at your feet. To help our gracious host in organising the catering, please inform us if you would be attending this pre-event gathering.Those confirming will be advised of the address and directions on how to get there in due course.
In short, for the cost of the KL Reunion, there will now be THREE functions for you to attend in KL and you will not be disappointed. They are,
1) 13th Thursday September - The Welcome Party at Dave's Bistro Bar & Grill in One Utama Shopping Complex 
2) 14th Friday September - A Relaxing Evening at the Residence of Dato Che Mohktar Ali.
3) 15th Saturday September - The Main Event @ One World Hotel
In addition, there will be a golf tournament in KL on the morning of Friday, 14th Sept for those interested. It will be held at a reputable Golf Club and you will be advised of the details as the date draws nearer.
As you can see, your stay in KL is in good hands.
The Sabah program, under the watchful eyes of Kah Kiat Chong, too is shaping up very well. At a recent lunch in Melbourne, he briefed me of his plan for those who are going to Sabah. I was amazed and very impressed at the level of detail he has undertaken to ensure everyone is well-looked after and pampered. I am absolutely convinced we will thoroughly enjoy our visit to Sabah.
There is now a growing healthy number of participants taking on the challenge to climb Mt. Kinabalu and yours truly is one of them! Some have also enrolled for diving at Sipadan. I will be issuing special instructions separately to those who are climbing Mt. Kinabalu. For the climbers who are going to Kundasang on the 19th, you will be staying back at Kundasang on the 20th for the climb on the 21st at no extra charge !!!
If you are interested in participating in any of these two activities, do let us know ASAP. We may still be able to secure a place for you. 
At last count, we now have about 50 confirmed hotel bookings for people going on the Sabah Trip and we expect this figure to increase. If you are interested in joining us, please let us know ASAP. Planning is absolutely essential to ensure that you do not miss out on the local tour packages. For those of you who haven't been to Sabah, this is a golden opportunity and I really mean it. Do remember that your family members are welcome to join the trip. They will be treated as one of us and given the same privileges.
Attached to this update, is the latest list of attendees with payment status for your interest. Some have committed to attend but reside in countries that do not have easy facility to remit payments. We are happy for them to pay 'at the door'. I suggest that you review the list and if your status has changed, please let me know. Some names have dropped off, some added and others remained.
We do like to thank those who have paid as it does help us tremendously in the planning of the events. To those who are coming to the reunion but have yet to pay, it would be appreciated if you can remit your payment ASAP as per instructions issued separately. Your commitments do facilitate the planning of the events.
If you are still undecided, I can only say that there will never be another Wellington Alumni Reunion of this magnitude. Let's face it, we will be hard-pressed to find a committee this dedicated and friends so willing and generous  to contribute their time and resource to organise a reunion this elaborate. I can honestly say that the activities planned are beyond my imagination. I didn't expect this program 18 months ago.
So, if you wish to 'spice' up your life in 2012 and have something to look forward to, do join "THIS IS IT" reunion. Smile
If you have any queries, please forward them to any committee member.
123 days,...not long to go and counting!!!
Take care everyone!
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With Regards, Henry Cheong