Reunion Update

June 7, 2011

You and I must make a pledge, we must bring REUNION back.

Where there is LOVE, I'll be there.....

I reach out my hand to you, I have faith in all of you.

Where there is FUN, I'll be there....

(Michael Jackson/Henry) Peace

Turn up your volume and listen to this hit song which sums up the responses to date (click on link below). Imagine being in the audience. Well, we hope to give you that feeling...a WILD ONE!

Hi Friends,

The response to date has been a resounding......"I'LL BE THERE!!!" Thanks my friends for your positive responses and kind words. The number registered in the first two weeks surpassed the number we had in the 1st six months after we launched the last 2008 Reunion! Absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G....

The main purpose of this "so soon" an update is to inform you that we have created a facebook for us to keep in touch as the preparation for the Reunion moves along.

Feel free to join in if you already have a Facebook account. Add your FB friends to it, if they are interested. It is open to all. If you don't have a FB account, you may want to consider creating one. You can use this FB as a 'tool' to look up old friends, catch up with 'gossips' and interesting postings. Queries can also be posted here. Regular updates of the Reunion will continue via emails.

The committee had a preliminary discussion and had already agreed on the format of this Reunion. I can share that with you.

We believe the Main Event is going to be 'HOT'. In fact, soooo... hot that you will need a 'Chill-out' session at a resort to bring you back to earth. The proposed format, at this stage, is,

1) A Golf session - 'Limber Up'

2) A Welcome Informal Party - 'Lubricate your Throats'

3) The Main Event - 'The Wild One'

4) The 'Chill-Out' Therapy session at a resort - 'Relax and back to Reality'

The above full program will have you occupied for a week in Malaysia...and mind you I haven't included Shopping and Sight-seeing to the list yet! By the way, you are not obliged to attend all 4 events but it is unwise not to if you can make it.

I know you will enjoy this last reunion of ours and live to tell your grandchildren one day, along the line...

"Oh what a night...late September back in 2012. What a very special time for me... as I remember, what a night!" Sounds familiar? on the link below, turn UP the volume!!!; listen to this classic hit and get into the groove!!!!

What do you think? Good heh?

Very soon we will begin evaluating venues and resorts for the Reunion. We need to plan early to secure good weekend venues as they are snapped up very quickly.

Don't miss out. Please register your interest promptly.....and start planning your trip! (I have already joined the Air Asia Fan first step.)

Don't forget to join the facebook.

Take care.

With Warm Regards and ...Winking smile Lotta Luv,
Henry Cheong feeling groovy....