Reunion Update #2

August 20, 2011


Hope this note (Reunion Update # 2) reaches you well and fit for we have very exciting news for you.

The committee members have been working very hard to formulate a “KILLER” program for our “THIS IS IT” reunion. We are fully aware that for various reasons some of us may not be able to take full advantage of this exciting Reunion package presented before you. Hence, the key to our program is FLEXIBILTY yet ACTION PACKED.

Our dear friend, Chong Kah Kiat, has made an offer to the committee that simply bowled us over! He has offered to organize the “Chill-out” Reunion session in Sabah following our Main Event in Kuala Lumpur! For those of you who haven’t met Kah Kiat, the link below presents a short biography of him and his achievements since leaving Victoria University of Wellington.
Chong Kah Kiat

There is absolutely NO doubt that as ex-Tourism and Chief Minister of Sabah, Kah Kiat is BEST placed to provide an exciting/action packed visit to Sabah. There will be activities to fulfil everyone’s dream. The activities range from Scuba diving, superb Golfing, lazing on a beach, Bush walking, Seafood sampling,
Trek up the infamous Mt Kinabalu; ….to adopting an Orang Utan and spend the afternoon grooming each other! There are heaps to do in Sabah AND you are welcome to include family members if you feel it will enrich your stay there. Just check out the link below.
Sabah Tourism
You have a choice. Take it full on as “once in a life time dream” by going the whole hog (i.e. KL & Sabah visits) OR just an exciting evening in KL. The choice is yours for the taking. You know best how to spend this exciting reunion with your ole’ mates taking into consideration your other commitments.

Obviously at this stage, we cannot give you the Sabah program in detail other than to say that it will be a 4 days/3 nights organized affair. We need a show of numbers before we can work out the details. Of course you can choose to stay longer or shorter once the programs are confirmed. This is a Golden Opportunity not to miss. The more Sabah attendees we have the more exciting the programs there will be. This, we can promise you.

The Events in KL remain the same. The informal Welcome Party & Main Event will be held there. Exciting entertainments will be provided. This is where the “BIG BANG” will happen.

We ask you to please register your interests early. To be fair to everyone, if it comes to giving preferences, it will be done on the basis of “first come first served”. Hence, the earlier you put your names down, the better for you. Remember, you can always cancel the registration should your circumstance change. So, you have absolutely nothing to lose by registering early.

The 2 choices open to you are,...

1) The FULL Program (i.e. Kuala Lumpur & Sabah) – From 14th to 19th September 2012

2) The Welcome Party & Main Event (Kuala Lumpur only) – 14th & 15th September 2012

Please indicate your choice when registering and also quote the numbers attending. This includes those who have already submitted their names. We will provide costs once we have an indication of the numbers attending.
Regardless, you can bet that it will be an absolute “value for money” Reunion. We will use whatever resources/contacts available to us to negotiate the best deals for you.

If you have any hesitation of attending this Reunion, just read the blog below.
We have also developed a ‘flyer’ to promote this Reunion and the theme is “We’ll ROCK till we DROP!!!” and this is exactly what we intend to do. We’ll ROCK you. Wanna feel of it???

There are no losers in this Reunion, whichever way you cut it you will win as the undisputed Champion. After all, we have (over the years) paid our dues time after time; gone thro’ ups & downs; have made a few mistakes and yet we all survived unscathed!
For that, we owe it to no one and have no guilt to gather and have a GREAT time. How about it Champs??? WE, are the Champions, my friends. Feel it man, ..…just FEEL it.

Don’t forget, please register your interests NOW! ….Help us to organise a memorable Reunion for everyone to enjoy.

If you have any queries, please just ask any committee members. We have extended the committee to include Chong Kah Kiat (Sabah) and Victor Fong (Sarawak) to help in organizing & promoting the event.
Its gotta be the "Ultimate" Reunion. Spread the word..Come one, come ALL!

Check out these links below for latest information.

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Our Wellington Alumni Blog – including previous (June ‘08) Reunion and ALL updates relating to "THIS IS IT" Reunion.

Take care, buddies.

With Regards, Henry Cheong

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